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In the wake of a terrible tragedy in Connecticut, the media is pushing to extremes. Some are doing what they should have done long ago, but others are doubling down on misinformation. All that and the Misinformer of the Year. 
John Whitehouse
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Misinformer Of The Year: Rush Limbaugh

The toxic, sexist rhetoric and conspiracy theories that built the right-wing bubble are just some of the reasons Rush Limbaugh is the 2012 Misinformer of the Year. We look back at how Limbaugh’s campaign to make Obama to fail imploded this year:

Bill O’Reilly And The Longest “War”

We ran the numbers. In just December so far, Bill O’Reilly covered the phony “War on Christmas” more than three times as much as actual wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, and Gaza. And it’s not just that – he has covered the “War on Christmas” for 12 minutes more than he did in 2011. Read our full report:

The Worst Idea In The History Of Ideas

Following the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, the media has floated various ideas on how to react, some good, some bad. But the worst is Newsweek‘s Megan McArdle advocating for people, including children, to be trained to run at active shooters:

Media Ignores Bush-Era Gun Law

In 2005, George W. Bush signed an NRA-backed law that gave legal immunity to gun makers and dealers. The law was signed after increasingly successful lawsuits about how their reckless business practices put guns in the hands of criminals. It’s time the media look closely at an industry that all too often can turn a blind eye to reckless business practices.


In the right-wing bubble, it’s gospel that President Obama wants to repeal the Second Amendment But when CNN’s Carol Costello examined that claim in reality, she summarily dismissed the conspiracy:


We’re halfway to our year-end fundraising goal! Stopping conservative misinformation is a big job – and we can’t do it without your help. Donate $5 to support our work here:


In October, the Discovery Channel aired a special about Ted Nugent and “gun culture.” But now, the channel has decided laudably to hue towards more responsible programming, announcing that American Guns was cancelled and that Nugent will not again appear on the channel.


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