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Media Matters for America
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As we start a new year, it’s striking to see right-wing media immediately grasp for the same old lies, from taxes to gun violence to Hillary Clinton. All that and a special look back at Fox’s awful climate coverage.   
John Whitehouse
Twitter: @existentialfish

The NRA Hates ‘Hollywood Guns’ (Except When It Loves Them) 

Following the tragic mass shooting in Newtown, CT, the National Rifle Association blamed gun violence on violent movies. But since 2010, the NRA’s own National Firearms Museum has featured an exhibit celebrating “Hollywood Guns.” Matt Gertz examines the NRA’s hypocrisy and how media ought to treat NRA claims about gun violence in America.

Fox News Mocks Hillary Clinton’s Health Problems

When news broke of Sec. Hillary Clinton’s health problems, many people reacted by wishing her a speedy recovery. But for Fox News, Clinton’s concussion was just a chance to mock the Secretary of State. When reports surfaced of Clinton’s blood clot, even the New York Post changed its tone on Clinton. When will Fox follow suit?

The Latest Fox News Candidate?

Fox News contributor Keith Ablow announced that he is interested in pursuing the Senate seat to be vacated by John Kerry. Known for his deliberately over-the-top statements, especially regarding  the LGBT community, Ablow has previously argued that Vice President Biden might have dementia, and suggested President Obama has contempt for authority because his father abandoned him. Ben Dimiero explores the potential newest Fox News candidate:

The Worst Of Fox News’ Climate Coverage

Ignoring all evidence that the planet is getting warmer, Fox says it’s getting colder. Ignoring all evidence of the greenhouse effect, Fox says carbon dioxide cannot cause warming. And in the rare moments they acknowledge there is warming, they propose bizarre causes, like “Mars wobbles” or wind farms. Here are the 10 dumbest things Fox News said in 2012 about climate change:


“Is it possible we could see riots in the streets?” This is how Fox and Friends host Brian Kilmeade discusses a congressional tax agreement that passed with broad bipartisan sentiment:


According to financial disclosure statements, Rep. Darrell Issa (R- CA) is one of the wealthiest members of Congress. So why are no media outlets reporting that Issa voted against a tax increase on himself? Oliver Willis explores the matter:


Conservative media figures are once again comparing America to Greece and warning of collapse, as they have for years. But this comparison is as wrong as it is incendiary. In reality, America’s budgetary situation is not comparable to the situation in Greece.


Media Matters for America

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