President Obama should sue the House Republicans

Hardball With Chris Matthews: Let Me Finish

President Obama should sue the House Republicans…Sue Congress!


Hardball With Chris Matthews: Let Me Finish

Hardball With Chris Matthews: Let Me Finish…

A large number of people responded with excitement to Chris Matthew’s suggestion for President Obama to sue the Congress. Joan Walsh and Jonathan Capehart join to discuss.

Sue Congress?
>by Chris Matthews

|08/05/14 04:06 PM—Updated 08/05/14 04:11 PM |Re-post 08/17/2014|

When I shared that idea, which had been shared with me, on Hardball last night, it stirred an immediate and impassioned reaction.

Many think suing the Congress right back is precisely the way the President should respond to what the Republicans in the House did to him last week. Again and again, the Congress has failed to act on even the most routine matters of official business, like approving ambassadors for posts overseas.  Isn’t this a case of Congress denying the country honest and faithful service?

Why are people reacting with such excitement at the notion of the president suing Congress?   Perhaps they see the unfairness in the Republicans in Congress approving a legal suit against President Obama.  They believe the right thing for President Obama to do is throw it right back at them.


Let me begin Chris!

The President should seriously think about the idea and hit the Congressional Republicans back for the people. Congress, more plainly, the House Republicans inability and blatant obstruction has gone too far. In a secret meeting on day one of Obama’s inauguration Republicans plotted to block every piece of legislation in the name of Obama for one reason and one reason only; because he’s the first black President, the American people had the audacity to elect this man (twice) and the hell with the American public and their needs. Their goals are to make the American public hate their government in Washington, the Obama administration, sit-out this Midterm Election, and blame everything that is wrong on Obama’s inability to do the job of President of the United States. However, he’s inability as President of the United States is not working out that way for them. President Obama is getting it done in spite of Congressional Republicans response(s). And now, they want to sue him for doing his job while they do nothing for the people…They have got some nerve!

Yes, we agree that he should sue Congressional Republicans and in the meantime Liberals, Democrats, Progressives, Independents and those ‘I don’t care about politics’ people should vote in this 2014 Midterm Election in numbers never seen in the history of the Midterms; to liberate this country from their obstructionism.

Just a foot note: Republicans priorities in 2014 are: to pass no meaningful legislation, manufacture scandals, blame and sue the President for what is wrong in America. If they take back the Senate and hold the House of Representatives in 2014; they will impeach the President and continue the process of enacting States Rights in every way they can! You are just seeing the beginning of where they want to take this country… ‘Get the Facts’ and ‘Be too informed to vote Republican’ – ever [sic]!

Republicans Priories in 2014

Republicans priorities in 2014 to pass no meaningful legislation, manufactured scandals, blame and sue the President. If they take back the Senate and hold the House of Representatives in 2014; they will impeach the President!



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