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Charlie Crist served as Florida’s 44th Governor. He is known as “The People’s Governor” because he never forgot that the people were the boss.

Today he’s running for Governor again — and he’s proud to still be fighting for the people.

Property taxes are going up in Jacksonville and Rick Scott's to blame.

Property taxes are going up in Jacksonville and Rick Scott’s to blame.


Today, I’m releasing the next part of our plan to give all Floridians a fair shot at success. The way to grow jobs in Florida is to invest in our homegrown businesses and innovators, and help them grow and hire.

Check out the whole plan here: www.fairshotflorida.comFair Shot Florida

Check out Charlie Crist’s Facebook timeline: Watch the videos…and get to know Charlie Crist up-front and personal!

Published on Nov 4, 2013

The People’s Governor, Charlie Crist, announces his 2014 Florida Gubernatorial campaign. Volunteer and Contribute at

Published on Jul 31, 2014

Charlie Crist’s TV ad, “Up Here” explains exactly who Rick Scott is fighting for.

For those at the top, things are good. But for everyone else: Rick Scott raised your property taxes. He cut college scholarships. He slashed $1.3 billion from education. All so he could give tax breaks to big corporations.

Charlie Crist will fight for you. He’ll cut property taxes, demand equal pay, and restore funding for our schools.

Learn more at

Published on Sept 6, 2014

He told us no cuts to education. But we now know Rick Scott wasn’t being honest. He slashed a billion dollars from Florida schools — thousands of teaching jobs done and a $20 million cuts to pre-K.

Rick Scott is just too shady for the Sunshine state.


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