Hobby Lobby decision opens floodgates for anti-birth control lawsuits

They won't stop until they've lost all of their rights.

Hobby Lobby decision opens floodgates for anti-birth control lawsuits

They won't stop until they've lost all of their rights.

They won’t stop until they’ve lost all of their rights.
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>by Joan McCarter | Follow | Fri Sept 12, 2014 at 01:00 PM PDT | Re-Post 09/13/2014 5:54:12 PM|

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, which brought you the Hobby Lobby suit that was really not about religious liberty, has a whopping 102 lawsuits challenging the mandate in Obamacare that birth control be covered without copay. Almost half of the cases, 49 of them, are by corporations that now can say they have religious beliefs, thanks to the U.S.Supreme Court. The cases range from the nightmare father (and Missouri lawmaker) who wants to courts to enforce his religious beliefs on his grown daughters, to organic food producer Eden Foods CEO Michael Potter.

Potter, who is Catholic and thus asserts that Eden Foods is Catholic, is not just going after the handful of birth control methods that Hobby Lobby objected to—the ones they “believe” are abortifacients even though medical science proves that they are not—but all 20 methods that Obamacare says insurance must cover without copay. If this isn’t enough to prove that the far right’s ultimate goal is to get rid women’s ability to use birth control entirely, look closer.

Another side effect of the ruling (and an order that followed) was to compel the Obama administration to ease the rules on nonprofit employers who want to avail of their legal option not to pay for birth control coverage for employees. Instead of notifying their insurer or third party administrator, objecting employers will have to notify the government of their intention to opt out. But the new accommodation still didn’t satisfy prominent social conservatives.”Here we go again. What we see here is another revised attempt to settle issues of religious conscience with accounting maneuvers,” said Russell Moore, a leader of the Southern Baptist Convention. “This new policy doesn’t get at the primary problem. The administration is setting itself up as a mediator between God and the conscience on the question of the taking of innocent human life.

Nothing the White House can do to try to find a compromise these assholes will accept will work. Because there isn’t one.


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