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President Barack Obama frowning

Dear Liberals: Here’s a Dose of Harsh Reality You All Need to Hear

President Barack Obama frowning

President Barack Obama frowning

>by: Allen Clifton |October 13, 2014 | RePost 10/26/2014 3:25:25 AM |

This is going to be short, simple, honest and not something most liberals are going to want to hear. And that’s fine by me, because I’m completely frustrated with all this nonsense.

There’s a simple and undeniable fact when it comes to voting, our elections and who controls our government: When liberals show up to vote, we win.

And yes, it is just that simple.

Yet, despite this fact, liberals get their asses kicked just about every midterm election because millions of them decide not to vote. Then, when Republicans gain power in our government, many of these same liberals spend countless hours whining about how horrible Republicans are and how we can’t let them ruin this country.

Except, that’s exactly what we do.

Because that’s the frustrating truth about all of this – liberals outnumber conservatives. If liberals would just vote with the same consistency as conservatives, the Republican party would almost always been hidden in some back corner of our government. They would only be heard from only when we allowed their ignorance to have a voice. Which wouldn’t happen.

And in that moment, Republicans would realize that either their ignorance had to be extinguished or their party would perish.

But, no, that’s not what we do.

Instead, we sit back and whine about Democrats not doing anything while complaining about how horrific Republicans are. It’s an endless cycle where we allow Republicans to have just enough power to inhibit Democrats from accomplishing anything, while we complain about what Democrats aren’t able to accomplish – because we allowed Republicans to have power.

Then, instead of blaming ourselves (because, of course, it’s never our fault), we blame those who are currently in office and “punish” them – by not showing up to vote when the next elections roll around.

Which, of course, means Republicans once again gain more power.

Do you see how absolutely stupid this all is?

And the thing is, we can change it right now. All we have to do this November is show up and vote, that’s it. It’s really that simple. But we won’t. We’ll sit back, most likely allow Republicans to take back control of the Senate, then whine about how little President Obama accomplishes these next two years, while complaining about how inefficient our government is.

But at the end of the day, we can bitch and moan all we want, but we are the ones who constantly let Republicans gain that power to stand in the way of moving this country forward.

So, will we do it again this November? Most likely – but I hope not. I hope that sometime between now and then, liberals wake the hell up and realize that we hold the power in this country and there’s not a damn thing Republicans can do about it unless we let them.

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