Debunking Right Wing BS about Obamacare

The Right-wing Lies about Obamacare

Debunking Right Wing Bullsh!t: Obamacare Causes 78 Percent Premium Hikes!!! – Addicting Info

The Right-wing Lies about Obamacare
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Headline at the Daily Caller:

Obamacare, Year One: 78 Percent Premium Hikes

OH MY GOD!!!! We’re all doomed! Obamacare is destroying America! If only there was some way to repeal Obamacare! Hey, isn’t there an election next week…?

Just in time for the midterms, a suspiciously convenient story about massive rate hikes is flying around the right wing alternate reality. It’s based on a study by HealthPocket (more on them in a bit) and it seems pretty damning.

One tiny little problem, though: the “study” does not include the Obamacare subsidies. In fact, the name of the study that is “Without Subsidies Women & Men, Old & Young Average Higher Monthly Premiums with Obamacare.”

That’s kind of like discussing how high taxes on the rich are while skipping over the part where they use numerous loopholes to pay less than the middle class. The subsidies are pretty important and removing them would naturally send rates through the roof. Somehow, though, the Daily Caller neglects to mention this until the very last paragraph.

But the spin over at the Daily Caller didn’t stop there:

Young customers have been hurt the worst by Obamacare– a big potential problem for the Obama administration, which failed to attract enough young and healthy customers during the first round of exchange enrollment.

Except that’s not true at all as Johnathan Cohn pointed out back in April:

But insurance companies didn’t expect young people to sign up in proportion to their numbers in the population. They knew participation would be a bit lower and they set premiums accordingly. Only company officials know exactly what they were projecting—that’s proprietary information—but one good metric is the signup rate in Massachusetts, in 2007, when that state had open enrollment for its version of the same reforms. According to information provided by Jonathan Gruber, the MIT economist and reform architect, 28.3 percent of Massachusetts enrollees were ages 19 to 34, a comparable age group.

Since Obamacare is essentially the same as Massachusetts’ Romneycare,  it was expected that the enrollment percentage would be about the same, which, of course, it was. But so what? Men are being charged more and it’s all women’s fault!

Did I mention, the Daily Caller throws in some gratuitous misogyny? Because there is no, repeat no, right wing war on women:

The hardest hit are 23-year-old men, who are being charged 78 percent more this year than they were in 2013; 23-year-old women pay a paltry 45 percent more in 2014 than they did before Obamacare. The picture isn’t much rosier for 30-year-olds, though: The average premium rose 73 percent for men, and 35 percent for women.

Men are seeing their premiums skyrocket because Obamacare bans insurers from charging women more — even when they use more health care services.

Damn you, females! Why are you destroying America?!

It’s just not a full day unless some right winger somewhere is complaining about women and how victimized men are these days…

The entire article is a perfect example of how the right wing media brazenly lie to conservatives. I guarantee it’s been all over Fox News today and they’ll also gloss over the part about leaving out the premiums. It’s not like they have to worry about their audience fact checking them; conservatives are bred to never question authority (unless said authority is a black president, of course).

An interesting note about HealthPocket, the “nonpartisan” group that produced the survey; they were recently purchased by Health Insurance Innovations, “a Tampa, Fla.,-based provider of short-term and limited medical insurance plans.” If “short term and limited” sounds like “crappy plans that won’t provide the protection of a real plan,” you’re not too far off. I suspect that Obamacare is putting a huge crimp in their business model since plans must offer a minimum of coverage instead of “limited” coverage.

But, you know, they’re completely nonpartisan. Really!

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Try Sticking to the Facts:

What will the right-wing do if they gain control of the Senate 2014? They will try an eliminate your healthcare – entirely!  Fabrication: The Left-wing doesn’t make shit-up to score political points with our base like the Right-wing does; like this article does on Obamacare from the Daily Caller… Try Sticking to the Facts! Your thoughts?

Blame it on Obama:

Just a note: Every “Heartbreaking Tragic Event, Worldly and Domestic Circumstances possibly preventable and Bad News not within #Conservatism” is President #Obama’s Fault; Blame it on Obama according to the #Right wing! It’s not working for you! Get over it! We got over #Bush! You are doing your conservative base an – injustice. But, I know it’s an election year and you need to vilify the President because that’s all you have that may have worked before. … Again I say; it’s not working for you! Let’s get back to the issues at hand that matter to all (inclusive) like: the economy, wages, healthcare, fuel prices, college tuition, and green energy etc. I guess right now you’re thinking that the recent plane crash of Malaysia Airlines, the lava flowing in Hawaii, and the space rocket (cargo ship); being blown out of the sky are all President Obama’s fault as well – he’s not a manifestation of the Devil, Space Alien or #Putin. He’s your President and a great one at that! Who’s trying to move this country along into the 21st Century for the people – all inclusive! Move on! #DLU_US!

 The Rachel Maddow Show shared a post:

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Turning the politics of Ebola on its ear

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