Obamacare: Premium Increases Are Much Lower Than Expected

Obamacare Money

Some Real News About Obamacare: Premium Increases Are Much Lower Than Expected | ThinkProgress

Obamacare Money

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For the second year in a row, Obamacare premiums are lower than anticipated and millions of Americans can expect to find affordable health insurance options during the second open enrollment period.

A Center for American Progress analysis of 2015 premium rates for the individual market in states with Federally-Facilitated Marketplaces shows that premiums will increase by an average of only 3.9 percent from 2014 to 2015. This average is for individual coverage for a 27 or 40 year old across all plans in each metal level in each state and weighted by each state’s enrollment by metal level in 2014.

Silver plans, the most popular type of plan in 2014, will increase even less –- by only 3.45 percent on average. While there is wide variation around the average growth in different geographic areas, the low national average is a testament to the popularity and affordability of the health insurance plans on the exchanges, where more than 7 million Americans purchased health insurance in 2014.

Increased competition in the exchanges, with about 25 percent more issuers offering plans on the exchanges in 2015 than 2014, helped to keep premiums low. Some of the nation’s biggest insurers will now be participating in the exchanges for the first time.

To put this premium increase into perspective, an average increase of 3.9 percent is much less than historical premium growth. From 2008 to 2010, the national average rate of premium increase was 10.9 percent, which is 179 percent greater than the increase between 2014 and 2015.

Meghan O’Toole is the Policy Analyst for Health Policy at the Center for American Progress.

via Some Real News About Obamacare: Premium Increases Are Much Lower Than Expected | ThinkProgress.

>by: Jason Easley |11/14/2014, 12:25 pm | via Republicans Devastated As Poll Finds That Americans Love Their Obamacare

A new Gallup poll released today contained some devastating news for Republicans who are hell-bent on repealing the ACA. The vast majority of Americans love their Obamacare.

The Gallup poll found that the newly insured who bought coverage through the ACA were more satisfied with their health insurance than the overall insured population. Seventy-five percent of the newly insured were satisfied with the cost of their coverage compared to 61% of total insured population. Sixty-eight percent of the newly insured plan on renewing their current policy, 7% will get a different policy on the exchange, 15% will get a different policy from somewhere else, and 2% plan on having no health insurance.

The news that people like their Obamacare is a devastating blow to the Republican movement to repeal the law. The results of this poll are why Republican congressional leadership pays a lot of lip service to repealing the ACA, but have little interest in engaging in a fight with the White House to get rid of the law. Over time, the news will continue to get better for the law’s supporters. As people continue to sign up and see positive results, it is going to become increasingly difficult for Republicans to repeal the law.

A big challenge for Democrats and the White House is to get more people access to the ACA. There is still a disparity among states who have taken full advantage of the law, and those that haven’t. The future fight will be centered around getting Medicaid expanded and more state exchanges setup. The Republican led states that aren’t participating fully deny millions of their citizens a better life.

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