The Democratic Party Adopts National Platform – $15/hour Minimum Wage

The Democratic Party Adopts $15/hour Minimum Wage into National Platform

The Democratic Party Adopts $15/hour Minimum Wage into National Platform | U.S. Uncut

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The Democratic Party on Friday adopted a call to raise the minimum wage to $15/hr as part of their established party platform heading into the 2016 election season. The move further polarizes the progressive wing of the party by moving them further to the left of both the Republican Party, and corporate centrist Democrats such as Hillary Clinton.

The Democratic Party Adopts $15/hour Minimum Wage into National PlatformIn response to the Democratic Party’s vote, Terrence Wise, a Kansas City, Mo. McDonald’s and Burger King Worker and member of the National Organizing Committee of the Fight for $15, issued the following statement.

“The Democratic Party’s move shows a growing understanding that $15 an hour is what American workers everywhere need to survive and support their families. When fast-food workers first went on strike three years ago in New York City, most people gave them no shot to win. But the movement caught on in every corner of the country and big wage increases are now spreading from coast to coast. By joining together, speaking out and going on strike, we’re changing the politics of the country. And we’re going to keep on fighting until every underpaid worker in this country wins $15 and a union.”

In response to the overwhelming approval of the gathered delegates to support the working class, DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was quick to point out that the non-binding party resolution should still carry weight with the rank and file members of the party without acknowledging democratic party candidate Bernie Sanders, and his rapidly spreading populist message, as the impetus to adopt the new party plank.

“Our resolutions are really an invaluable tool for our institution, so we honor those who have dedicated their lives to the betterment of our party and our nation, to addresses injustices in society, and to recommit ourselves to the values that our party holds dear. Each of those resolutions holds great importance and we can all use them as inspiration as we move forward.”

The adoption of the $15/hr minimum wage plank was bundled together with a slew of other proposals including mandatory paid sick leave, as well as tax incentives and government spending increases for quality child care for working parents, which should further delineate progressive party members from the rank-and-file who do most of their work inside the beltway.

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Minimum Wage Mythbusters:

Myth: The minimum wage stays the same if Congress doesn’t change it.

Not true: Congress sets the minimum wage, but it doesn’t keep pace with inflation. Because the cost of living is always rising, the value of a new minimum wage begins to fall from the moment it is set.

Myth: Increasing the minimum wage is bad for the economy.

Not true: Since 1938, the federal minimum wage has been increased 22 times. For more than 75 years, real GDP per capita has steadily increased, even when the minimum wage has been raised.

Myth: Raising the federal minimum wage won’t benefit workers in states where the hourly minimum rate is already higher than the federal minimum.

Not true: While 29 states and the District of Columbia currently have a minimum wage higher than the federal minimum, increasing the federal minimum wage will boost the earnings for nearly 38 million low-wage workers nationwide. That includes workers in those states already earning above the current federal minimum. Raising the federal minimum wage is an important part of strengthening the economy. A raise for minimum wage earners will put more money in more families’ pockets, which will be spent on goods and services, stimulating economic growth locally and nationally. Read More…

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Raise the Minimum Wage to $15 Per Hour

Published on May 29, 2014 relevant today!

Robert Reich shows why at $15 minimum wage would help lift millions of people out of poverty and help grow the economy. Call your Senator today at (202) 224-3121 and urge them to support raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour.


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