Hillary’s paid speech to Goldman Sachs

Hillary Clinton address Goldman Sachs' 10,000 Women initiative

Video surfaces of Hillary Clinton’s paid speech to Goldman Sachs, and it’s completely harmless

Hillary Clinton address Goldman Sachs' 10,000 Women initiative

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With Hillary Clinton now being singled out for having given the same kind of paid speeches during her time out of office that all politicians have generally given when they’ve had career gaps their own, curiosity has arisen as to just what Clinton was telling entities like Goldman Sachs during these speeches. There’s no longer any need to wonder, because video footage has surfaced. As it turns out, Hillary was speaking to Wall Street to try to make the case for gender equity in the business world.

The wild conspiracy theories coming from those who oppose Hillary Clinton in the Presidential election have never made logical sense. If Clinton were preparing to deregulate Wall Street and give the big financial institutions what they want, she would logically already be singing the praises of deregulation in order to soften the ground for it, as the republican candidates are currently doing. There is no such thing as a Presidential candidate running on a platform of Wall Street reform, as Clinton is, and then getting into office and suddenly going the opposite direction.

Nonetheless, supporters of Clinton’s opponent have convinced themselves that her speeches to Wall Street were part of some secret plot against mainstream Americans. Those individuals would do well to watch the actual footage of her speech, which is all about promoting women in entrepreneurial roles. Even when Hillary Clinton was addressing Wall Street, she was pushing for gender equity, not some kind of pro-corporate agenda. Watch her 2014 Goldman Sachs speech below: Hillary Clinton begins speaking almost immediately (22 sec)…

Source: Video surfaces of Hillary Clinton’s paid speech to Goldman Sachs, and it’s completely harmless

When Bernie supporters, critics, pundits and reporters across the political spectrum question and repeat right-wing claims of her (Hillary’s) trustworthiness or other terms used to demean her; you are following in the foot-steps of the Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS and other right-wing groups used to dehumanize Hillary.  It’s a Policy Strategy to make a claim and false narrative towards her because of their fear of liberalism that can’t be controlled and because of their racism, sexism and Misogyny.

You want her transcripts… Watch Hillary Clinton address Golden Sachs’ 10,000 Women initiative above… Hillary Clinton begins at marker 22 (sec)… Smart, influential people can get paid for and deliver speeches because it benefits those who book them in some way, passing-on what they know; proving a Case for Women Entrepreneurs. Get over it!



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