Smarter than that to vote…

Hillary Clinton Anti-Trump Speech in Reno Nevada

Smarter than that to vote for the ‘Problem in America Today’!

[Your Smarter than that!] Hillary Clinton Anti-Trump Speech in Reno Nevada

>by: Robert L. Gallimore |08/29/2016 1:28:50 PM|

Smarter than that: You are smarter than that to vote Republican, to vote for the ‘Problem in America – Today’…

First of all, you are smarter than that to vote Republican! In writing this sometime ago, Bernie Sanders supporters, critics, pundits and reporters across the political spectrum question and repeat right-wing claims of Hillary’s trustworthiness or use other terms to demean her. As a result, they are following in the foot-steps of the Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS and other right-wing groups to dehumanize Hillary. And to make a claim and false narrative towards her, because of their fear of liberalism that cannot be controlled [in their words] and because of their racism, sexism and Misogyny; their Political Strategy against her is not working.

Bernie Sanders and Third Party:

Finally, Bernie Sanders is supporting Hillary and he will vote for her because he knows that voting for Trump is dangerous for America and countries abroad. In addition, he has, in so many words, questioned his supporters claims of voting third party isn’t voting for Trump; it is just like voting for Donald Trump – he wins! It especially relevant to review history. Ross Perot [Reform Party of the United States of America and Republican Party ] and Ralph Nader [Democratic Party, Green Party of the United States] both proved that point in our recent history that third party runs are a part of the problem and not the solution. Most of all, we can’t allow Donald Trump, this apparently treasonous person with his Russia investments and Chinese connections, this dangerous consortium and racist individual to have the Nuclear codes at his fingertips. Not at all, good for America and her interest abroad.

“Keep the Immigrants and Deport the Republicans” is our motto!

The #ProblemInAmericaToday is the Republican Party, the “Party of No”, the GOP and the conservative party. This party is the cause of major problems in America to the middle-class and poor; too numerous to list! To hear the GOP tell it, it’s Obama’s fault for all the negativity in America. How can anyone support them; excluding Nationalist movement and or Racist Americans? Trump speaks their language of hate! How can any person of color support him? The people that do are just ill-advised and self-centered – plain and simple?

Donald J Trump:

The GOP’s torch holder, the standard bearer and grand wizard Donald J. Trump aka Donald J. Drumpf (@realDonaldTrump), the presidential candidate for the Right-wing; is just wrong. He is wrong for America in so many ways; it’s just not funny because this person could win! And, there would be hell to pay for so many Americans.

Now, on the campaign trail he is trying to court minorities with his abrasive tough; reaching out to minorities with a dog whistle to assure white moderates that he is not racist; asking them the question of: “What do you have to lose supporting Trump?” The answer is simple –  it’s everything; including your dignity. The communities of color are just not buying his rhetoric. We cannot allow this person anywhere near the White House.

To this day, Trump refuses to release his tax returns, a policy and standard practice for Presidency candidates; dating back to the Nixon era. As a result, how can we trust him as President? We can apply the right-wing dog whistle of ‘trustworthiness’ here, that same term that he and the Republicans use to label Hillary Clinton. Why the double standard on taxes and trustworthiness? It sounds sexism, terms used to humiliate her and control the narrative, again, it is not working for Trump.

Republican control:

Consequently, we are sick and tired of Republican control, ‘conservative influence, and this religious liberty crap that this party is pushing down our throats, that too is not funny. Republicans are controlling almost two thirds of the states, governorship and the courts. And, they can’t even pass legislation for Medicaid coverage under Affordable Health Care for the poor in these red states. As a result, the Republican obstructions at the state level is unprecedented and the struggles continue there as well.

The problem in America today:

Just too touch on past events, Bernie Sanders ran a good race! Yet, the problem in America today, Donald Trump and the Republicans were pushing, wanting and hoping for Bernie to win. And, those hypothetical polls that were so much in the forefront of political discourse were aided by the #ProblemInAmericaToday. It appears that Republicans are scarred of HRC, Hillary Rodham Clinton, a woman, who has been vetted, prodded and probed over the years with zero negative results. Nevertheless, they still continue throwing the mud at her; hoping for it to stick. Please, don’t help them do their jobs. And do not vote against your best interest for spite come November. The real Problem in America today is not Hillary Clinton; it is Donald Trump and the other side and they would appreciate your votes. Let’s “Keep the Immigrants and Deport the Republicans”, because they are the #ProblemInAmericaToday and continue the Political Revolution.

Political Revolution:

If you did not know, we have had a Political Revolution called: Barack Obama and we elected Obama – twice! Yes, that’s right, we already had the Revolution and President Obama has done a great job of turning our flailing economy back into the forward direction, in spike of Republican obstruction. Nevertheless, it’s time to build on Obama’s accomplishments and continue the momentum with Hillary Clinton, as the President (POTUS) and Commander – in – Chief! And, it is not the time to start over; moving in a backward direction with an administration that failed America under George W. Bush.

Republican administration and Hillary Clinton:

Furthermore, under a Republican administration, every recent policy enacted by the Obama Administration could, and more than likely would go up in smoke. In addition, every social service would be in trouble under their administration. Maybe, Hillary Clinton will have an easier time governing through the [Republican lead] dysfunction! Nevertheless, we do not have time to start over in Healthcare and redoing other Obama accomplishments. Hillary is projecting a realistic understanding of her limits and she is not a promoter of unrealistic narratives as seen in the Trump camp. Most of all, for the position of POTUS, the ‘President of the United States’ Hillary is the most qualified person; fully devolved to the party, extremely vetted and a steady temperament. Especially relevant is that she will need a compatible Congress and that is where we come in; voting for Hillary and down ballet Democrats or by totally voting blue.

What’s at stake:

In conclusion, it is time to coalesce around our presidential nominee Hillary Clinton! We don’t have time for games, the stakes are too high and we have too much to lose. “The future of the Supreme Court is at stake;” that is, in itself, reason enough to support and vote for her. We have had 50 years of conservative control in the Supreme Courts; it is now time for a Liberal one. We cannot afford a Trump/Pence ticket in the White House; especially now with Trump’s divisive race rhetoric.

Just a note to Bernie’s Supporters: Turn your anger and disappointment towards the real #ProblemInAmericaToday – Donald Trump! #BaitWithATweet


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