Trump Makes America Great Again

Trump Makes America Great Again by Outsourcing Jobs to 12 other countries

Trump Makes America Great Again by outsourcing Jobs!

Trump:Make America Great Again by Outsourcing Jobs to 12 other countries

Trump makes America great again" is a lie. So, “Don’t believe the hat.” Because, you can't make America great again when you don't make things [your products] in America! In a new ad buy, Hillary Clinton spotlights Donald Trump’s hypocrisy for outsourcing jobs; making his 'Trump' line of Shirts, Ties, Suits, and Hats, almost his entire ‘Trump brand’ products in foreign countries. Watch the clip below as Trump makes China, India, Honduras, Mexico, and Slovenia “Great again”. It seems like Donald Trump is pulling the wool over his supporters' eyes by telling them one thing ["vote for me because I'll bring back jobs"] while doing another [manufacturing his products overseas]... Especially relevant and it highlights his hypocrisy: Transcript: He wears it like a crown, “Make America Great Again” but, [Donald] Trump made his shirts in Bangladesh, his ties in China, and his suits in Mexico. In fact, the real Donald Trump outsourced his products and jobs to twelve (12) different countries. So, “Don’t believe the hat”. You can’t make America great again; if you don’t make things in America…
So, come November, do not vote against either your best interests or self-interests in spite of the facts. And, because of the hyperbolic language coming from a con-artists promises and with claims of making America great again; the stakes are too high for America. Donald Trump is ill-equipped to handle the presidency and the responsibilities of the Commander-in-chief that comes with the job! Vote for experience, vote for a track record of getting things done and vote for compassion for all Americans – vote for Hillary Clinton. >by: Robert L. Gallimore |09/01/2016 1:44:58 AM|
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Democrats seek FBI probe

Democrats seek FBI Probe: Democratic U.S. presidential nominee Hillary Clinton waves after being introduced by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) during a rally at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), Local 357, union hall in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. Thursday, August 4,... REUTERS/Steve Marcus

Democrats seek FBI probe into Russian hackers probably seeking to influence U.S. vote Democrats seek FBI probe into accusation of Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Russian hacking attempts into the DNC, DCCC and voter databases either to influence or undermine U.S. Presidential election. Minority Leader: As a result, Senate leader Harry Reid and Congress Democrats, in a letter asked the FBI to investigate the Russian government; attempting to undermine the […]

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Smarter than that to vote…

Hillary Clinton Anti-Trump Speech in Reno Nevada

Smarter than that to vote for the ‘Problem in America Today’! >by: Robert L. Gallimore |08/29/2016 1:28:50 PM| Smarter than that: You are smarter than that to vote Republican, to vote for the ‘Problem in America – Today’… First of all, you are smarter than that to vote Republican! In writing this sometime ago, Bernie Sanders supporters, critics, pundits and reporters across the political spectrum question and repeat right-wing claims […]

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“Alt-Right” Speech and Racist Donald Trump

Read The Full Text Of Hillary Clinton's Speech On The Alt-Right

[Alt-Right]:Read The Full Text Of Hillary Clinton’s Speech On The Alt-Right >by: Paige Lavender |08/25/2016 03:36 pm ET|RePost: 08/27/2016 4:46:19 AM| Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton spoke in Reno, Nevada, on Thursday, addressing the “alt-right” and the racist, xenophobic policies of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Below, Clinton’s remarks as prepared for delivery:Thank you, Reno! It’s great to be back in Nevada…My original plan for this visit was to focus […]

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Sanders’ radical message missing moderate blacks

Sanders’ radical message missing moderate blacks | MSNBC >by Trymaine Lee|03/04/16 07:09 AM—Updated 03/04/16 09:50 AM |RePost 03/06/2016 3:07:34 AM| Hillary Clinton’s strong march to the Democratic nomination has been powered largely by African-American voters, who have backed her by margins similar to the historic run by President Barack Obama in 2008. And that’s because most black voters – particularly older ones – aren’t interested in the revolution Bernie Sanders […]

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Governing: Clinton More Effectively

Governing: Clinton can govern more effectively/ David Goldman / AP

Clinton Can Govern More Effectively Than Sanders – The Atlantic Governing: Hillary Clinton’s realistic attitude is the only thing that can effect change in today’s political climate. Norm Ornstein | 02/5/2016 | RePost:02/07/2016 3:31:53 AM| Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz have something in common. Both have an electoral strategy predicated on the ability of a purist candidate to revolutionize the electorate—bringing droves of chronic non-voters to the polls because at […]

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The right choice for today’s progressive movement

(Credit: Reuters/Gary Cameron)

Hillary Clinton is the right choice for today’s progressive movement — Medium   by: Ruben Gallego |11/16/2015 |RePost: 02/14/2016 10:06:03 AM| There has been a sea change in how Americans view progressive issues. Now we progressives have to change how we view ourselves. We have to get used to the idea that Democrats can win national elections as progressives — and that our leading candidate for president already reflects that reality. Our […]

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Chris Christie: another Republican refusing to make voting easier

Republican Presidential candidate Chris Christie files paperwork for the New Hampshire primary at the State House, Nov. 6, 2015 in Concord, N.H. Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty

Chris Christie vetoes bill to make voting easier | MSNBC >By Zachary Roth |11/09/15 01:04 PM—Updated 11/09/15 03:37 PM|RePost: 11/14/2015 12:51:23 PM| New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie vetoed a bill Monday that would have made casting a ballot much easier in the Garden State, which has been plagued by low turnout. The measure, known as the Democracy Act, was passed in June by the Democratic-controlled legislature, and was strongly backed […]

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Impeaching Hillary Clinton, many GOP voters on board with it

Hillary Clinton holds out hope for Republican cooperation,…

Many GOP voters on board with impeaching Hillary Clinton | MSNBC >by: Steve Benen |10/30/15 10:46 AM |RePost: 10/31/2015 7:25:51 AM| It was just two weeks ago that Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) raised the prospect of impeaching Hillary Clinton, even though she hasn’t been elected. The far-right congressman is apparently so concerned about her email server management that he believes she would, literally on her inauguration day, be “subject to […]

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Democrats back Clinton, say Benghazi probe mostly politics: poll

Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton greets supporters at the conclusion of a ''Latinos for Hillary'' rally in San Antonio, Texas October 15, 2015. Reuters/Darren Abate

Democrats back Clinton, say Benghazi probe mostly politics: poll | Reuters  >by: Emily Stephenson| Wed Oct 21, 2015 8:58 AM EDT |10/21/2015 12:39:15 PM| WASHINGTON – White House contender Hillary Clinton heads into Thursday’s congressional hearing on the 2012 Benghazi attacks with most U.S. Democrats agreeing with her accusation that the Republican-led probe is politically motivated, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll. Fifty-four percent of the 598 Democrats surveyed said they […]

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