Report: The Kochs, A Nazi Past, Oil & The Foundation of The Right

Ilse Koch - Wikipedia,

Report: The Kochs, A Nazi Past, Oil The Foundation of The Right… >by Unknown | 10/06/2010 | Re-Post 09/19/2014 5:34:39 PM| Notorious Nazis Ilse Koch, her husband Karl Otto Koch and Erich Koch are the ghosts of Koch Industries, who seized the U.S. conservative political agenda years ago and seem capable of seizing the government in total through the Tea Party. Ilse Koch was the Nazi’s specialist in making objects […]

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Florida Voter Purge Official Linked to Koch-Funded Efforts to Defeat Obama

>by Joan McCarter | Sourced from Daily Kos | Posted at June 7, 2012, 10:51 am | If there were any lingering questions that Gov. Rick Scott’s motivation for purging voters, this should put it to rest. Former Secretary of State Kurt Browning, who worked with Scott on cooking up the purge (and is no stranger to voter suppression, having kicked minority and Democratic voters off the lists in 2008), has close ties […]

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Stephanie Cutter: Get the facts on Mitt Romney, Big Oil, and the Koch Brothers

>Stephanie Cutter, Deputy Campaign Manager, shares the facts about Big Oil’s latest attack. “Hi I’m Stephanie Cutter I’m the Deputy Campaign Manager here at Obama for America and I wanted to arm you with the facts about the latest attach from Big Oil. You may have heard of the Koch brothers they’re secretive oil billionaires bankrolling Republican campaigns and now they’re backing Mitt Romney. Pretty simple reason for this, President […]

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