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To make known to the public, disclose, or show (intentions, secrets, etc.) of the GOP. To uncover, to lay open to something specified within the Republican Party!

Today’s ideology of the Republican Party has one flawed mission of obstructions and that process consists of two principles values of obstruct and blame despite the consequences to the American people. The Exposed Page list relevant articles for your review – enjoy!


The Art of Negotiation:

#Republicans, of course, had a somewhat different reaction to President #Obama’s conversation with Iranian President Hassan #Rouhana than did everyone else.

With the Republicans still threatening to shut down the government if they don’t get everything they want, John #Boehner’s communications director said it’s “shocking” that the president is negotiating with Iran and with Vladimir #Putin, but not with Congress. Mr. Boehner’s press secretary tweeted: “This Iranian news should make for an interesting pivot to talking about how he won’t negotiate with Congress on budget issues.”

But what the Republicans want isn’t a “negotiation.” They want full capitulation to all their demands, or the country gets hurt. The #Senate has sent its continuing resolution back to the House, stripped of the #Obamacare de-funding language. If the House again changes it and returns it to the Senate, a government #shutdown is a near-certainty, as the deadline is Monday. Then, the Republicans plan to attach their Christmas list [#RansomNote] to the debt ceiling bill and do this all over again.

Lest you think “Christmas list” is an unfair representation of Republican demands, here are some of the things under discussion as demands for the debt ceiling bill: A delay of Obamacare; approval of the Keystone XL pipeline; Medicare means testing; cutting federal pensions; changes to Dodd-Frank; relaxing of EPA regulations; expanded oil drilling on federal land and offshore; [de-funding] the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. All the things they don’t have the votes to pass after losing elections.

I’ve seen some Republicans go so far as to characterize the president’s conversation with the Iranian president as “negotiating with terrorists.” But President Rouhana threatens no harm to the US, while the same cannot be said for the Republicans. [Agreed!]

They should be careful with their rhetoric. What do we call it when a group of radical right-wing extremists threatens to harm [many of] innocent Americans unless their demands are met? Hmm? Anyone? Come on, this one is easy. ~JN Google+

[Well, I’ll call it a list from #Secessionist radicals looking to divide the Union – again in 2013! Agreed? #DLU_US!]

‘Repeat and Replay’:

Congressional #Republicans Are Destroying Our Future! #DLU_US! They’ve said this in so many words, in so many ways and you still don’t get it? Oh Yeah, you get it! Barack H. Obama does not exist to them; he is not the POTUS in their eyes! And you want to vote for these idiots? Really? The Republicans have a lot in store for this country, if they gain control and the (I) word is on the table…

GOP control would be a disaster for the country, have we forgotten about the Government shutdown, their pledge on Tax breaks for the 1% of us,  the economy, climate change, the Iraq Wars of the Bush Administration on faulty Intel, and all the bills that they’ve blocked in the last 6 + years? No support for: the Vets, SNAP program, support for America’s children, the poor and the homeless. If Republicans win the Senate, Mitch McConnell vows to attack your healthcare, financial services, the budget and the EPA; just to name a few! I would be scared of the GOP change that they are planning to bring back to America on all fronts – if they win! I foresee us dipping back into recession, the stock market going south and more jobs going overseas. Congressional and Gubernatorial Republicans are destroying our futures and the sad part is that you are allowing it to happen! Vote these people out of office…We have the power! Another note: America’s economics does better under Democratic control!

We are about exposing the GOP at every turn, in so doing we will become a more informed American, too informed to vote Republican – ever…

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