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Trump Makes America Great Again by Outsourcing Jobs to 12 other countries

Trump Makes America Great Again

Trump Makes America Great Again by outsourcing Jobs!

Trump:Make America Great Again by Outsourcing Jobs to 12 other countries

Trump makes America great again" is a lie. So, “Don’t believe the hat.” Because, you can't make America great again when you don't make things [your products] in America! In a new ad buy, Hillary Clinton spotlights Donald Trump’s hypocrisy for outsourcing jobs; making his 'Trump' line of Shirts, Ties, Suits, and Hats, almost his entire ‘Trump brand’ products in foreign countries. Watch the clip below as Trump makes China, India, Honduras, Mexico, and Slovenia “Great again”. It seems like Donald Trump is pulling the wool over his supporters' eyes by telling them one thing ["vote for me because I'll bring back jobs"] while doing another [manufacturing his products overseas]... Especially relevant and it highlights his hypocrisy: Transcript: He wears it like a crown, “Make America Great Again” but, [Donald] Trump made his shirts in Bangladesh, his ties in China, and his suits in Mexico. In fact, the real Donald Trump outsourced his products and jobs to twelve (12) different countries. So, “Don’t believe the hat”. You can’t make America great again; if you don’t make things in America…
So, come November, do not vote against either your best interests or self-interests in spite of the facts. And, because of the hyperbolic language coming from a con-artists promises and with claims of making America great again; the stakes are too high for America. Donald Trump is ill-equipped to handle the presidency and the responsibilities of the Commander-in-chief that comes with the job! Vote for experience, vote for a track record of getting things done and vote for compassion for all Americans – vote for Hillary Clinton. >by: Robert L. Gallimore |09/01/2016 1:44:58 AM|


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