McCulloch, “Prosecutor” Admits “Witnesses” Lied (VIDEO)

Bob McCulloch joins The McGraw Show

McCulloch, Michael Brown Grand Jury “Prosecutor” Admits “Witnesses” Lied or Were Not There (VIDEO) | girl du jour Local radio channel KTRS 550, interviews Robert (Bob) McCulloch – >by: Author girl du jour |12/19/2014 | RePost: 12/21/2014 5:53:48 AM | Robert McCulloch who is supposed to be the prosecutor for Saint Louis County, and for the Michael Brown shooting, turned out to be a defense attorney for shooter Darren Wilson. […]

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Why Ferguson is so mad at prosecutor Bob McCulloch

St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch announces the grand jury's decision not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the Aug. 9 shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed black 18-year old, on Monday, Nov. 24, 2014

Why Ferguson is so mad at prosecutor Bob McCulloch – Yahoo News The lawyer’s rambling remarks on Monday night aren’t the real problem. It’s his controversial past. >by: Andrew Romano |11/25/2014 4:26 PM | RePost: 11/28/2014 4:08:18 AM|  When St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch took to the podium late Monday night to announce the grand jury’s decision on the controversial death of Ferguson, Mo., teenager Michael Brown, he […]

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Obama orders review of police use of military hardware

Police officers react at the scene of a looting at the Dellwood Market after protests against the shooting of Michael Brown turned violent near Ferguson, Missouri August 17, 2014.

Obama orders review of police use of military hardware >by Steve Holland and Andrea Shalal | EDGARTOWN Mass./WASHINGTON Sat Aug 23, 2014 8:30pm EDT| (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama has ordered a review of the distribution of military hardware to state and local police out of concern at how such equipment has been used during racial unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. The president ordered the examination of federal programs and […]

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Michael Brown: The unrest in Ferguson Missouri

National Guard called in as chaos continues in Missouri town   >by Ellen Wulfhorst | Mon Aug 18, 2014 10:22am EDT | Re-Post 08/19/2014 1:08:59 PM | (Reuters) – Missouri National Guard troops were being deployed on Monday to the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson to try to restore calm to an area that has become a nightly scene of rioting and protests over the Aug. 9 fatal shooting of an unarmed […]

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